Ecological solution of Road Internet
Road IoT
From Graphene to The Interconnection of Everything
MS Technology has deployed a total of 400,000+ graphene heat dissipation LED street lamps in more than 30 provincial regions across the country. 
The deployment is increasing at a rate of over 50% every year. 

Building on street lamp resources, Mingshuo provides big data of road videos and IoT access services via smart lamp heads, and acquires and controls
 comprehensive and accurate road information in real time via 5G.
Provides street holographic perception plans with the lowest cost and highest efficiency!
Road IoT Business Area
Application Scenario of Road IoT
Customized Urban Information Management Platform
Customized Urban Information Management Platform
MS Technology built Yangshupu Smart Binjiang Lab (Rui Ecosphere) together with Shanghai Information Pipeline Co., Ltd., Shanghai Yangpu Binjiang Investment & Development Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Yangshupu Information Service Co., Ltd. to build integrated urban management plaform and to push the development of Urban Brain. It will make the governance smarter, strengthen the application of intelligent decision making technology, focusing on planning, land, house, traffic, environment protecting, building, wate and other fields, taking the integrated urban network management information platform as the basic, to build Shanghai integrated management information platform, using AI street lights, edge computing, cloud computing, big data, AI and other technical methods to collect the related data and information of urban management filed and analyze in time, so that to realize the support function of informatization and intellectualization on public service management and governing capacity improvement.
Urban Smart and Fine Management
  • Urban Smart and Fine Management
    Municipal Facilities Management
    Public Security Management
    Administrative Law Enforcement
    Environmental Management
    Emergency Management
    Smart Park
  • Digital Road
    Intelligent Road Maintenance
    Road Accident Monitoring And Response
    Road Synergy
    Traffic Flow Configuration
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