Safe Campus
Mingshuo Safe Campus provides a full-time and efficient security solution for campus environments based on smart lamp heads. With round-the-clock monitoring of the school gate and the surrounding roads, it uses intelligent analysis algorithms for identification of abnormal behaviors, management of illegal parking, and governance of road environment. In this way, it effectively prevents dangerous incidents, offers active prevention instead of passive investigation, guarantees student safety and school stability. It is a new model of intelligent management that combines comprehensive management of public security and safe campus.
Main function:
Efficient lighting. Ensure the normal operation of the lighting system around campus through green LED with graphene heat dissipation plus visual lighting management.
Security monitoring. Identify problems and respond in time with round-the-clock high-definition monitoring at the school gate and surrounding roads.
Behavior identification. Identify and analyze abnormal behaviors, such as large crowds of people, fighting, climbing over walls and crossing boundaries, as well as conditions like road congestion and illegal parking, based on AI video analysis algorithm. Automatically generate warning information and report it to the management platform, and actively identify and deal with abnormal conditions, thus improving efficiency in managing campus security.
Smart speaker. Release remote broadcasting, notification, emergency evacuation and other information.
Access to Internet of Things (IoT). Monitor IoT terminals, including infrastructure such as manhole covers and fire hydrants, the environment and water levels.
Other functions: emergency alarm system, access control system, safe power system, and intelligent zebra crossing system.
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