Beautiful Road Without Hidden Dangers
Mingshuo Beautiful Road without Hidden Dangers works based on video algorithms, deep learning algorithms, convolutional neural network and other technologies of smart lamp heads. It integrates the IoT transmission technology for comprehensive sensing of road surface, road surroundings, bridges, intersections, moving vehicles, and sidewalk pedestrians. It collects and analyzes big data from video surveillance that covers the whole road, for round-the-clock identification and control of roads, vehicles, people and behaviors, comprehensively strengthen road traffic safety management and control, and reduce congestion and traffic accidents. It ensures that people can travel in the fastest, most energy-saving and safest way by means of technology and modern management methods.
Main function:
Road hazard management. Monitor and control safety hazards like surface gathered water, icing, subsidence, and obstacles.
Road maintenance monitoring. Monitoring of problems such as broken roads or bridges, and the toppling of surrounding objects like street lights and trees.
Road accident monitoring. Capture and collect evidence for various kinds of road accidents, immediately detect problems and offer remote command for rescue.
Management of illegal behaviors. Monitoring and management of illegal parking, illegal driving, pedestrians running a red light, etc.
Road flow analysis. Monitor traffic flow and analyze data for optimization of traffic allocation.
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